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Djalu and Yotjing

Djalu and great grandson Yotjing

My name is Djalu Gurruwiwi, making yidaki is not new to me. I have been making yidaki for many years even before it became popular among Balanda (non-Aboriginal people). Since the early 1990's I have been sharing my culture with the outside world by having exhibitions of my art, teaching people how to make and play the yidaki both in Australia and overseas and recording my music for others to share. I have been able to do these things with the support of many family members and friends.

I would like to share my culture and my knowledge with everyone regardless of who they are and where they come from. This is my gesture of friendship and goodwill which I hope will lead to better understanding between Balanda and Yolngu. I hope you will gain insights into my peoples life and struggles. I hope you will respect our law, our culture, and our way of life, autonomy and independence.


Information about 2011 masterclasses coming soon


Rripangu Yidaki logo

The Rripangu Yidaki logo shows the Wititj (python) the Yidaki and the lightning

Master class

Making Yidaki during a masterclass